Circo Aereo: People
Maksim Komaro
Maksim Komaro is one of the driving forces of circus art in Finland. In addition to his own artistic input as a circus artist and director, he has worked as a circus trainer around the world. Komaro has been active in the development of the Finnish contemporary circus scene and has been founding many central structures, such as Cirko - Centre for New Circus, Finnish Circus Information Centre, different festival and also incubator activities for circus arts. He was awarded with a five-year artist grant from the Finnish Government as the first representative of circus art in 2003 and again in 2008. Komaro is one of the artistic directors of Circo Aereo.

Jani Nuutinen
Jani Nuutinen graduated as a circus artist from the acclaimed French circus school Centre National des Arts du Cirque in 2001, residing thereafter in France. He has worked as a circus artist and as a set designer in various Finnish and international productions. For over 10 years Nuutinen has been touring with his own solo performances around the world. Nuutinen was awarded the Finnish State Art Prize in 2005. Nuutinen is one of Circo Aereo’s artistic directors.

Sanna Silvennoinen
Sanna Silvennoinen graduated as a dancer from the Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten. Silvennoinen has worked with several Finnish groups both as a dancer and as a circus artist. She worked as a choreographer and a performer in several of the most internationally acclaimed Finnish circus performances. In her work, she has particularly focused on the integration of the elements of contemporary dance with aerial acrobatics. Improvisation, use of space and close interaction between music and movement are the distinctive traits in her work as a director and as a performer. Silvennoinen is one of Circo Aereo’s artistic directors.

Markus Lahtinen
Markus Lahtinen has worked as composer and musician in numerous circus, dance and theatre performances. He is known as a multi-instrumentalist who masters a broad scale of music styles and genres. With Circo Aereo Lahtinen has worked as a composer and as a performer.

Tuomas Norvio
Tuomas Norvio (a.k.a. Verneri Lumi) is also known as a musician from groups such as RinneRadio. His compositions and acoustic designs have been heard in a number of circus and theatre performances, radio and TV shows and installations. Norvio has worked as acoustic designer/musician in Circo Aereo's Wimma, Trippo, rec, Fritt Fall, Espresso, FUR!, Black Lion and Camping.

Kati Mantere
Costumier Kati Mantere has worked for Stockholms Stadsteater, the Savonlinna Opera Festival and Tampereen Työväen Teatteri. In addition to Circo Aereo's productions, she currently works in wardrobe for the Theatre Academy's teaching theatre. Rantalainen has been involved in several of Circo Aereo's productions since 2003.

Juho Rahijärvi
Freelance lighting designer Juho Rahijärvi graduated from Theatre Academy of Finland. He has been involved with dance, theatre, circus, museum and environment lighting, light installations and various music events since 1998. Rahijärvi has worked as Circo Aereo's lighting designer in many shows e.g. Louisiana Circus, Espresso, Petit Mal, The Pianist, Mumbai Express

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