Slapstick Sonata
"Whacks on the head to the tunes of Mozart"

Slapstick Sonata is a performance bringing together Mozart's sonatas with slapstick comedy from silent film era creating a very literal combination of high art and popular culture.
Visual poetry meets absurd physical comedy and contemporary circus expression.
Aerial acrobatics, tumbling, clown antics, dance, live music and theatrical elements fuse into a free-flowing stream of references ranging from the classical opera to the silent film comedies.

“The overall tune is somewhere between absurd and surreal.
…stunning process of metamorphosis from beginning to end”
Jussi Tossavainen / Helsingin Sanomat 26.2.2012
Premiere: on 22 February 2012, Praque National Theatre, New Stage, Czech Rep.

Duration: approx. 75 minutes. Suitable for audiences over 7 years old.

Direction: Maksim Komaro
Performers: Sárka Bockovà, Jiri Weissmann, Vojtech Fülep, Anna Schmidtmajerova, Dan Komarov, Michal Boltnar
Lighting design: Juho Rahijärvi
Sound design: Tuomas Norvio
Costume design: Kristina Novakova Zaveska

Production: Circo Aereo (FI), Cirk La Putyka (CZ)
Co-producers: Cirko Center For New Circus (FI), Prague National Theatre (CZ), The Finnish National Theatre (FI), Jyväskylä City Theatre

Partners: Nokia Czech Republic, Prague City Hall, Ministry of Culture, Budweiser Budvar, La Fabrika, Prague National Theatre, Nike, Husky, Mac Cosmetics, H&M, Redken, Scenografie and Cirqueon

Copyright Circo Aereo 2007