Phågel-The Best Cat and Bird Show Ever!
Two girls – a cat and a bird. With only one fish to eat.

Phågel is based on the determination of two independent girls to do their own thing. Their performance is built around physical expression in the form of tightrope walking, handstands and floor acrobatics.
Technical excellency in the art of circus is combined with a precisely constructed choreography and an attitude that defies expectations and traditional patterns.

Phågel is inspired by Peanutbutter & Jeremy's Best Book Ever, a naïvistic graphic novel for adults by the American indie artist James Kochalka.
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Premiere: on April 11th 2012 in Cirko Center for New Circus, Helsinki

Duration: approx. 60 minutes, suitable for audiences over 12 years old

Performers: Lisa Angberg & Klara Mossberg
Directed by: Maksim Komaro
Planning: Maksim Komaro, Lisa Angberg, Klara Mossberg
Light design: Juho Rahijärvi
Sound design: Tuomas Norvio & Maksim Komaro
Visual design: Eveliina Hämäläinen, Juho Rahijärvi, Maksim Komaro
Video: Joonas Rissanen
Costume design: Suvi Hänninen
Sewing: Kaarin Kontturi

Production: Chipmunk Forge & Circo Aereo
Co-production: Cirko - Center for New Circus (Finland), Subtopia (Sweden)
Production has been supported by: Kulturrådet, Circo Aereo’s Incubator for Nordic contemporary circus, Nordic Culture point, The Swedish Arts grants committee
Inquiries: Circo Aereo Finland
Copyright Circo Aereo 2007