"It had all the innovativeness I expect from contemporary circus with a sprinkling of humour."
Jussi Tossavainen / Helsingin Sanomat

A mixture of anarchy and almost neurotic longing for control. Objects float, collapse, fly and smash in a hypnotic stream through the history of jugglers' art.

The latest work by Gandini Juggling presents five top jugglers from Spain, Ireland, England and Finland. In the spirit of baroque, Maksim Komaro's direction will lead into a labyrinth of movement and flying objects.
Premiere: on 5 May 2011, Stoa, Helsinki, Finland.

Duration: approx. 60 minutes. Suitable for audiences over 7 years old.

Direction: Maksim Komaro
Performers: Sean Gandini, Sakari Männistö, Owen Reynolds, Iñaki Sastre, Kati Ylä-Hokkala
Lighting design: Juho Rahijärvi
Set design: Eveliina Hämäläinen, Maksim Komaro, Juho Rahijärvi
Costume design: Suvi Hänninen

Production: Circo Aereo, Gandini Juggling
Co-producers: Agit-Cirk, Cirko Center for New Circus

Production has been supported by: Arts Council England, Arts Council of Finland, Finnish Academy of Fine Arts

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